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My research unpacks the ways in which sociocultural factors shape psychological and behavioral characteristics. In doing so, my research investigates diverse forms of sociocultural environments such as national culture, social class, and religion as well as diverse cultural dimensions such as individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and power distance. 

I take a multi-methodological approach to answer my research questions, using lab experiments, online survey, field studies, and secondary analysis with archival data. I also take advantage of cutting-edge quantitative methods including hierarchical linear modeling and structural equation modeling. 

Prosocial/Prosocietal Behavior: How people are motivated to promote the sustainability and well-being of society. 

There are many serious social issues and challenges today, such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. Addressing these problems requires citizens' significant support for individual and collective levels of change. I study the psychological underpinnings of support and action to address societal challenges. My current research focuses on how sociocultural factors such as national culture, social class, and religion shape psychological antecedents of pro-environmental support and action.

Happiness and Well-Being: What predicts individual happiness and well-being. 

Greater happiness and well-being lead to numerous positive life outcomes in areas such as finances, social relationships, work performance, etc. I study cultural universals and variation in predictors of happiness and well-being of individuals. The ongoing research is investigating the impact of economic inequality on happiness, examining cultural variation in the association between inequality and happiness and its underlying psychological processes. 

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